Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thailand, China, The Case of Favoritism

Something we all know in our hearts but never can proof. Favoritism, has been shown in survey after survey to be the number one reason that you the majority (99%) are not successful in society. In the English speaking world, they all have dreams. Excuses are usually sum up as "lazy" or in government "proof it".

The case of Greece comes to mind as part of the "PIGS" Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain. We all have witness in China or Thailand favoritism in society. Our framework model of favoritism consists of industries, government, and civil society. In education, there are the separation of labor through titles. The word "unfair" is often heard by women in societies of China and Thailand. The word "knowledge" which measures how one is qualified is rated at the bottom of 10 traits. As a surveyor researcher in Thailand and China, I am consistently very disappointed in the results.

Strategies to counter favoritism review of promotion system by senior management or by human resources. By having clear, objectives, and consistently enforced policy to counter favoritism. Interviewers made of and from different backgrounds. Having Centralized monitoring of promotion designed to identify bias. (Penn, Schoen, Berland, 2011)

Policies are only enforced by law, such as age, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. These are what a minority of the countries have agreed to. The written word is highly prized in these societies. (Pornpang, 2009)

In conclusion, Dream-work China video sums it up perfectly. For those that does not speak Chinese subtitles are provided. Let the video define the word "Dream" for the 99% society. It only takes about 10 minutes.
China Dream

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