Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Argument for The 99% Movement

The argument for the 99% Movement (Occupy Wall Street) people in Thailand is waiting the 300 baht a day  (1 dollar about 31 baht).......You need another reason.....One world...we are all in this together...we can not wait...
"A survey of the labour and business sectors is underway. Those businesses that are still affected and cannot recover quickly can request assistance from the government," he said, without elaborating on the "assistance".
"The ministry has taken steps to help flood affected workers, including a plan to fill 130,000 job vacancies and arranging 10day skills training sessions paying a Bt120 daily allowance. It was expected to see 15,000 applicants but could accommodate another 20,000.
Shortterm, 20day contracts paying Bt150 a day to around 23,000 workers had also been arranged, he added.
The House committee on social welfare yesterday held a joint meeting with Labour Minister Phadermchai Sasomsap to discuss measures to help floodaffected workers and minimise the chance of massive layoffs. Phadermchai said a fund will be set up soon to help employers pay Bt2,000 to workers for three months.
Fewer workers had been laid off than expected - 4,500 - from 15 companies in three provinces including hardhit Ayutthaya, he said." from the Nations Newspaper

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Data from World Bank

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