Sunday, November 6, 2011

The "World Spring" Begin in Thailand for The G20

Most people forgets about Thailand and Bangkok in particular Udon Thani in its part of the "Arab Spring" that begin last year in Tunisia it first begin in Thailand. The "burning of Udon Thani" Administration complex witness by me last year. The protest was the same against "haves and the have nots" with the same demands as the "We are the 99%". The classic battle has been fought over and over again against the elite in Thailand against mostly the poor from the Northeast particularly Udon Thani this time it has been since PM Shinawat fought the battle and lost in 2006. Now he has elected his daughter PM Yingluck, the first female PM in Thai's history. She has an uphill battle being the elite of Thailand was mostly education in America's Universities and America's capitalistic system the same system as the protest "We are the 99%".

This time the poor is different, they have tools, the blog...posted by Syu Jeng-Chyang of Udon Thani...
For more information...a better written story..

The Globalization of Protest

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  1. I remember the "Burning of Udon Thani" in 2010,I was in class at the time. It was very scary.