Sunday, August 28, 2011

China Healthcare

Affordable Healthcare in China 555 America 555.
” 25 July 2011 GE Healthcare Global X-ray Business Announces Leadership Move to China
New Beijing base strengthens GE X-ray’s global vision, commitment to Chinese healthcare and innovation “
Author Syu Jeng-Chyang

I’m curious to see what health care plan China will eventually come out with. I’d guess they will take a close look at Taiwan’s national health care plan which is one of the best in the world. It’s based on the U.S. Medicare system but all Taiwanese must pay from when they are one month old—99% of the population are covered. Also all foreign workers must pay. On average it’s about $18 U.S. per month and covers most dental. An average clinic visit with a prescription for a common cold and maybe an x-ray for example costs about $4 U.S.
News reports suggest China is already recruiting a lot of Taiwanese doctors. Taiwan is also beginning medical tourism and many Chinese come for medical services.
Here’s a good link about it:

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